The Bathurst Carillon is a large musical instrument with 47 bronze bells, played by a carillonist at a clavier. Sound is produced by striking a set of chromatically tuned bells through a mechanical connection to the batons on the clavier. It shares the characteristics of a piano by allowing the player to express dynamic and tonal variation through touch, and shares the characteristics of an organ by providing foot pedals to operate the lower (and heavier) bells.

Above: The Clavier installed in 2019.

Left: The Bathurst War Memorial Carillon

The original 35 bells were cast in 1928 and an additional 24 bells were cast in 2018, including 12 Peace Bells. All bells were cast by John Taylor & Co., Bell Founders and Bell Hangers of Loughborough, England. Some of the original bells were replaced and retained by Council for future display.